Specialist in repair, ProRent is the first rental and transport company in the south of Madagascar.

Our values


Proud teams

Each of our employees is aware of the importance of his role and responsibilities within ProRent.


A company close to its customers, expert and responsive.

Prorent is a Malagasy company and contributes to the dynamism of the Anosy region. Management within ProRent is also a local management where each employee can benefit from training and progress within the company.


Safety at the heart of ProRent's activities.

Conscious of the value of the men and women who make up the company, each employee is trained according to strict requirements. Several training sessions are given on the dangers of personal behavior - alcohol, drugs, drugs, fatigue, stress, lifestyle, etc. - for a preventive awareness.


Environmentally friendly measures.

Paints following current health standards, training of drivers in eco-driving, preventive maintenance of vehicles, choice of low-polluting Bosch pumps, renewal of polluting vehicles, recycling of oils and battery acids (in progress)

History of ProRent

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  • 2011

    Prorent supports the fight against malnutrition

    ProRent becomes the main partner of major international non-governmental organizations for the distribution of more than 30,000 tons of food.

  • 2010

    Transport of sisal

    ProRent becomes the main transporter of sisal, the first export product from southern Madagascar (3,000 tonnes per year).

  • 2009

    New customer service

    ProRent offers its customers the sale of spare parts.

  • 2007

    ProRent triple its workforce

    In order to respond to the strong development of the whole region, which was introduced by the arrival of QMM, ProRent invests in new vehicles and recruits numerous employees.

  • 2006

    Birth of ProRent

    Launch of the company of transport and rent ProRent with the ambition to open up the southern region of Madagascar.